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  • Solar Panels or Photovoltaic Modules convert light into power, a series of small modules are connected in series to make up one solar panel.These panels produce DC power that is then used to charge batteries or feed into inverters that feed directly into the Power Grid. Canadian Energy carries a wide range of Canada Proof Solar Photovoltaic options for every application under the sun: Residential roof top solar panels, commercial installations, mobile equipment, off-grid cottage and RV solar, remote equipment, and oil and gas. Residential and commercial PV panels, and Class 1 Div. 2 certified panels, we have you covered. Specifically for panels, we can order multiple sizes of panels from small 30 W panels for off-grid remote equipment to rooftop and ground mount 250 and 300 W panels.​
  • Sealed Deep Cycle AGM Traction – With absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries,the battery acid is “absorbed” into fiberglass separators (a sponge-like mat offline glass fibers) so that the battery has no free-flowing electrolyte. Therefore an AGM battery can be operated in virtually any position. These batteries are completely maintenance-free and have lower internal resistance than similar flooded batteries, which means they will provide both faster high performance starts and faster recharge times. These Deep Cycle AGM Traction batteries are used in situations where the battery will be deeply discharged (50-80 percent)such as floor scrubbers, scissor lifts, and in some off-grid applications.
  • Inverters & Inverter Chargers – An inverter is a device or system that changes direct current (DC) power into alternating current (AC) power. Used typically in mobile applications such as Class 8 trucks, RVs or Work Trucks to convert battery (DC) power into usable AC power.​
  • Solar Charge Controller – A component of photovoltaic systems that controls the charging of the battery to protect the batteries from overcharge and over discharge. The charge controller may also indicate the system operational status. Standard charge controllers vary the current based on preset voltage set points. Grid tie inverters are the simple solution for connecting a home, commercial facility, or PV farm to the grid.  Ideal for microFIT, FIT, or net-metering applications, grid tie inverters maximize energy generated from the solar PV array maximizing revenues and efficiency. Canadian Energy carries a wide range of grid tie inverters including split phase inverters up to 10 kW for residential applications, 3 phase inverters up to 25 kVA for commercial and decentralized applications, and micro inverter systems. ​